Cocotte spirit

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Influenced by various sources, La Cocotte Paris appreciates the beauty of the past times while never hesitating to bring a different perspective and bold angle to everyday objects, kitchenware, and household textiles.
Its creations bring together precise references to traditional craftsmanship  and an  esthetic, original and up-to-date form of expression. 

 Its sense of humour is palpable and is translated through its syle, clean and precise lines, and its carefully-chosen soberly-mixed colors.
Its feathered icons - Cocotte, Kokette, Paulette and Hannette- form a major part of all its collections. Witty and rebellious, they embody the graphic mood of the brand.

La Cocotte Paris is now well established in its Paris boutique in rue Paul Bert, where it cultivates its avant-garde, chic and up-to-date spirit. Its creations are a wink at  France's tradition of the art of living and gastronomy.

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