1- Definitions

The present terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship that exists between:
LA COCOTTE, French simplified joint stock company (SAS,
société par actions simplifiée) with a capital of 222 000 Euros registered at the Register of Commerce (registre du commerce et des sociétés) of Paris under the number 49470828200012, whose headquarters is located at 5, rue Paul Bert 75011 Paris, hereinafter referred to as "LA COCOTTE",
And all natural or legal persons who wish to make a purchase on the online boutique lacocotteparis.com, hereinafter referred to as "Customer" or "Buyers".

2- Application

These terms and conditions apply to the sale of the Products found on the website lacocotteparis.com on the day the Customer places an order.
The validation of the order by the Customer implies full acceptance of all terms and conditions. LA COCOTTE may modify certain provisions of the current terms and conditions. It is thus necessary that they be reread and validated for every new purchase made on the website lacocotteparis.com.

3- Products

The products available for sale are described and presented as accurately as possible. However, if presentation errors or omissions are found, the LA COCOTTE staff does not claim responsibility and cannot be held liable.

4- Availability

The majority of productions proposed by LA COCOTTE to the Customer are available. LA COCOTTE SAS works on the basis of a certain stock level, employing a just-in-time production strategy with its suppliers. Due to this, as the case may be, products are available in the limit of available stock at LA COCOTTE and its suppliers.
Once the order is received, LA COCOTTE will inform the Customer of the availability of products to be purchased.
If a product proves to be temporarily unavailable (out of stock, import, or any other reason) after the order is made, LA COCOTTE will inform the Customer by email as soon as possible, giving him the option to either wait or cancel the order of the products. No cancellation or delay penalties will be applied.
If a product proves to be definitely unavailable (end of stock, definitive discontinuation by the supplier, or any other reason) LA COCOTTE will automatically cancel the order and inform the Customer by email. No cancellation penalty will be applied in such an instance of order cancellation.
More precise information may be given to the Customer by email or by telephone.
An email is automatically sent to the Customer to confirm the order placement provided that the email address indicated in the registration form does not contain any errors.

5- Pricing

Product prices are given in Euros, all taxes included and excluding shipping and handling costs. They take into account the value-added tax (VAT) in effect the day of the order. Any change of applicable rates may be transmitted to the Product prices after new applicable rates are put into effect.
Shipping and handling costs are given at the moment the shopping cart is consulted once a product is added and are restated at the moment of order validation. They are calculated in function of the country of delivery as well as the weight of the products.
The price indicated in the order confirmation is the definitive price, including all taxes, VAT, and shipping and handling costs.
The prices displayed on the website are susceptible to modification at any moment. All prices are given subject to patent typographic errors.
The applicable price is that which is indicated on the website lacocotteparis.com at the date of the Customer’s order placement.
All orders, no matter their place of origin, are billed and paid in Euros.

6- Order

All Product orders are placed directly online on the website https://lacocotteparis.com.

As stated above, all order placements assume total compliance, without restriction or reservation, with the present terms and conditions. Subject to the right of revocation and return covered in Article 10 below, all orders are definitive as of the sending of an order confirmation email from LA COCOTTE to the Customer and the receipt by LA COCOTTE of the order payment.
LA COCOTTE advises the Customer to conserve these details whether as a paper or digital document. LA COCOTTE reserves the right to cancel a sale, even after the reception of the confirmation email, in the event of missing bank confirmation for the payment of the claimed amount. All amounts spent at the time of order by the Customer do not constitute in any case a deposit, of which the abandon would authorize this latter party to disengage from the contract.

LA COCOTTE reserves the right to refuse any order from a Customer with whom there exists a contention or litigation relative to the payment of a previous order.

7- Date of order

The date of order is that of the date of validation of the order by the Customer in the case of online payment by debit card.

8- Payments

The Products are payable in Euros at the time of order.

The cashing of the total sum of the order payment will be effectuated by LA COCOTTE at the time of the validation of the order or, in the case of payment by check, at the time of its receipt.

To pay for his order, the Buyer has at his disposal the set of means of payment covered within the order form.

The Buyer makes the guarantee to LA COCOTTE that he has the eventually necessary authorizations to use the means of payment that he has chosen at the time of registration of the order form.

LA COCOTTE offers two means of payment by debit card to the Buyer:

1- Via Crédit Lyonnais’s secured system Atos. The bank details inputted are encrypted by means of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol and are protected by means of a security system intended to prevent non-authorized third parties from intercepting this data, accessing it, deforming it or using it for their personal profit. LA COCOTTE will not converse any bank details.

By communicating his bank details, the Buyer accepts in advance and without reservation that LA COCOTTE proceeds to the secured transaction. The Buyer thus authorizes in advance his bank to debit his account from the amount transmitted by LA COCOTTE, even in the absence of invoices signed by the cardholder.

2- Via the secured online payment site PayPal. The debit and credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and others are accepted by PayPal as means of payment by checking the appropriate option on the payment page.

The order form that the Customer creates online or the order confirmation email sent by LA COCOTTE does not serve as an invoice. Whatever means of order and payment chosen, the Customer will receive the original invoice at the time of delivery of the products in the package.
LA COCOTTE keeps a copy of every invoice.
LA COCOTTE remains the owner of the Products until the Customer completes the payment. The above provisions shall not prevent, from the delivery of the Products to their transfer to the Customer, risk of loss or deterioration of the Products as well as damages that may occur.

9- Delivery

LA COCOTTE will do everything possible to ship the products within two business days following the order placement.
The delivery times posted are given as an estimate and are not of a contractual nature. LA COCOTTE is not responsible in the case of a delivery delay or supplier inventory shortage.
In the instance of partial unavailability of Products, LA COCOTTE may divide shipment. Thus the immediately available Products will be shipped first with the rest of the order being shipped as soon as Products become available.
Delivery is made to the address given by the Customer at the time of order placement. An email is sent to the Customer at the time of Product shipment provided that the email address indicated in the order form contains no errors. In the instance that the order recipient address is erroneous or incomplete, LA COCOTTE may ask the Customer to pay the fees related to a new delivery.

LA COCOTTE offers two means of delivery:

1- Colissimo delivery by French postal service La Poste, with return receipt:

The Buyer receives delivery at his place of residence by a La Poste delivery man. In case of absence, the Buyer or the recipient of the ordered Products will receive a notice from the delivery man, which shall allow him to contact La Poste so that delivery may be made while the Buyer is present.

The Buyer is bound to verify, in the presence of the delivery man, the state of the merchandise packaging and its contents at the moment of delivery.
In the event that the Buyer may have a doubt, whatever it may be, on the state or contents of his package, he is bound:

  • To apply the standard procedure of La Poste (especially to signal damages, complaints, and reserves) and to refuse the merchandise by immediately transmitting a report of the anomaly to La Poste.

  • To signal these incidents to LA COCOTTE.

2 – In-store order pick-up (Paris)

The Customer may come and pick up his order placed on the website lacocotteparis.com in store.

The Customer will receive an email at the email address submitted at the moment of creation of his customer account as soon as the order is available for in-store pick-up at the following address:
5, rue Paul Bert
75011 Paris

The order will then be available at the La Cocotte store during a period of 15 days, following the sending of the confirmation of the order availability.

10- Return policy

Under article L121.16 of the
code de la consommation (Consumer Code) the Customer has available a period of 7 business days from the date of order delivery receipt to return the ordered products by means of his own costs (in their original packaging, undamaged, imperatively, by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt and with the corresponding invoice) to:
5, rue Paul Bert
75011 Paris

The shipping costs (sending and return) remain the responsibility of the Customer. At the end of this 14 day period, the delivered products will be considered consistent with the order and accepted by the Customer.

The exercise of the right of revocation and return will lead to cash reimbursement, by credit, of the debit card used at the time of the initial order. 

11- Litigation

The present Terms and Conditions are governed by French law. In case of litigation, the only courts of competent jurisdiction will be the courts of Paris.

12- Guarantee

The quality of the products may not be challenged and the Customer is the sole and unique person responsible for the choice of products.
The products supplied by LA COCOTTE are new and guaranteed against any defect. They are identical to those of a traditional storefront and originate from the group of referenced suppliers. In the case that a product is defective, LA COCOTTE promises to exchange it or reimburse it, provided that it is returned, by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, in its original packaging and accompanied by the corresponding invoice within 7 days after the receipt of the package delivery, to:

5, rue Paul Bert
75011 Paris

In the case of a delivery delay due to announced delays by the carriers, the Customer, as a priority, must contact, in this instance, the sales and distribution office of La Poste. In any case of delivery delay, the Customer must contact LA COCOTTE in order to open a litigation case file or inquiry to carry out a search for the package.

13- Strikes

In the case of strikes by La Poste services, carriers or any other event of an exceptional nature that delays or prevents package delivery, LA COCOTTE will use all means possible to inform the Customer of the state of package shipment, but cannot be held responsible for the ensuing delays.

14- Responsability

LA COCOTTE is released from its delivery obligations in the case of force majeure or other exceptional circumstances.
LA COCOTTE declines all responsibility in the case of diverted or improper use of the products ordered by the Customer.
The total or partial impossibility to use the products cannot give rise to any indemnification or reimbursement or question of responsibility on the part of LA COCOTTE.
The websites directly or indirectly linked to the website lacocotteparis.com are not under the supervision of LA COCOTTE. Consequently, the company claims no responsibility regarding the information published on these websites. Affiliations with third-party websites are indicated solely as a convenience and imply no guarantee regarding their content.

15- Protection of personal data

The information and personal data asked for from the Customer are either necessary to treat and carry out orders, and will be signaled as such, or used to better know the clientele and improve the services offered by the website. The files of the website lacocotteparis.com and the use of which they are the object are declared to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique des Libertés (CNIL, National Commission on Informatics and Liberty), of which LA COCOTTE scrupulously respects the provisions (CNIL declaration receipt: 1289972, October 2008).
Visitors to the website lacocotteparis.com have at their disposal, at any moment, a right to access, to modification, to rectification, and to removal of personal data concerning them, according to Article 34 of the law "informatique et libertés" ("information technology and liberties") of January 6, 1978.
The Customers may, at any moment, modify or delete their profile directly on the Internet. The Customers may also request profile removal:
- by email contact (at)lacocotte.net.
- by registered mail sent to LA COCOTTE, 5, rue Paul Bert 75011 Paris France

16- Internal Property

The texts and videos featured on the website https://lacocotteparis.com are the property of LA COCOTTE. Any partial or total reproduction of this content by any means or media is subject to a preliminary and intentional authorization from the part of LA COCOTTE. All text and video elements featured on the website https://lacocotteparis.com, including the underlying technology used, are protected by copyright, brands, or patents. They are the exclusive property of the company LA COCOTTE.
Any person in possession of an Internet site wishing to include a single direct link to the website https://lacocotteparis.com must first request the authorization of LA COCOTTE. An authorization given by LA COCOTTE will not constitute in any case an implicit affiliation agreement and will not in any case be given as definitive. By a single, simple request from LA COCOTTE, this link must be removed.

 17- Customer service

For all other questions or complaints, the Customer may contact a LA COCOTTE representative
- by telephone (33) (0) 1 43 57 04 02
- by email contact(at)lacocotte.net
- by mail 5, rue Paul Bert / 75011 Paris / France