Range of dishtowels from La Cocotte Paris

La Cocotte Paris as a creator

The creations of La Cocotte Paris come from intuitions and creative  boldness.  All the collections originate from  the  two heads and four hands of designers Laetitia Bertrand and Andrea Wainer working together. The designs, the colours of the past, and the beautiful ageless materials provide a great source of inspiration for them and are often the starting point for a collection.
The two creators at La Cocotte Paris mix styles, rejuvenate patterns, and invent daring colour associations. And always, their own style is present, with its sense of humour, its firm and precise lines, its carefully-chosen, soberly-mixed colours.

La Cocotte Paris as a manufacturer

Choosing to produce in Europe shows a desire to favour closeness to Paris, traditional know-how, and small-scale companies respectful of the environment. 
The production of the collections takes place mainly in the region of Porto in Portugal, which has a long textile tradition. The two creators at La Cocotte Paris can thus collaborate closely  with their suppliers and draw on their expertise to bring their creations to life. 
With their precious assistance La Cocotte Paris can  manufacture its own fabrics in natural materials - cotton or linen - by having control over the whole production line, from weaving to printing, silkscreen printing, sewing and finally packaging.
This process means the quality of finished products can be fully monitored. 

Printing and production of La Cocotte Paris products